Greetings, englishmen

so its a russian board with /int/ and without flags?

plus the retarded anime meme from 2000s in its very name

yeah... its garbage
Octocat is anime?
No, 'Nyan' is an anime. Try to find it in AniDB.
0nyan its relative imageboard to 0chan (russian "nyan" like "chan", now you understand, retard?
>without flags
Why do you need Tor exit nodes' flags?
What flag do u need? --help?
Always called this things 'arguments', because they're belongs to the argument vector ( argv[] ).
Did I miscalled them?
They are command line arguments, but ones that simply need to be present (like --help, but not a filename of something like -b 100) are often called flags.
Flags are boolean parameters, there can be only two states of flag — present and absent. Several flags can be combined into single integer as it's bits.
If they are bits then I can build a whole new computer with them? :3
Technically, its array, not vector.
This one is right.
>Technically, its array, not vector.
Vector itself is sort of an array IIRC. Main difference is that vector can store non-fixed amount of elements.
And string is an array of characters.
Nope! Array is just sequence of elements, while vector is container, that stores elements, it's own size, and other data.
In C there are no vectors, but sometimes people call arrays vectors.
typedef struct { element *e; uint8_t size; char *data; } vector;

there you gou, now you've got vectors in C